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Access all incoming messages,
whatever the channel people
choose to contact you on.

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Send and answer messages
using the best channel
for your contacts.

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Simply Communicate.

Unified Inbox

Check out the all-new Unified Inbox iPhone app, designed especially for iOS7: unified communications, now 100% on the go.

Unified Inbox

Share and delegate great content from around the web, via your favourite channel, through our lightweight Chrome extension.

Unified Inbox

Turbo charge your Unified Inbox by empowering your team to collaborate on your incoming and outgoing communications.

What the experts say

Nathan Zeldes

“Unified Inbox brings an impressively comprehensive approach to mitigating information overload. At a time when new social channels are threatening to add to the overload caused by “classic”  email, Unified Inbox is poised to accept the new communication modes while curbing the potential negative effect of their growth.”

Nathan ZeldesPresident and Chairman Information Overload Research Group
Tim Howell

“Unified Inbox represents an intriguing and powerful way of managing the variety and volume of messages that impact us all. We all recognize the problem with information overload – Unified Inbox is doing something about it.”

Tim HowellCo-FounderAftermail
Horst Kinzinger

“It’s the right time for Unified Inbox. We all have to deal with a huge amount of messages in various systems. Unified Inbox is the breakthrough technology to manage all your messages in one place and to give you guidance on the importance of the incoming informations. This is the next big step in digital communication.”

Horst KinzingerSenior Executive Software AG
Phil Raymond

“Unified Inbox has a bold and elegant vision for personal communication. Not only will they unify a plethora of communication channels, but their efforts will ultimately empower recipients by placing a value on an individual’s attention – especially when interrupted. They will be a key player in the inevitable shift to empowering recipients by creating a market for attention.”

Phil RaymondInventor of Vanquish Anti Spam Vanquish Labs
Chris Deering

“Unified Inbox is a game changer technology that could not have been envisioned 2 years ago but which will become as ubiquitous in 2 years, as Facebook does.”

Chris DeeringFormer President Sony Europe
Dr. Monica Seeley

“With soaring volumes of email, information and email overload are major problems for business users.  Many now have multiple email addresses which they need to manager.  Unified Inbox provides an innovative, excellent and easy to use solution to these challenges.  It offers an single view across all email addresses and actions associated with an email regardless of its origin.”

Dr. Monica SeeleyAuthor Brilliant Email
Dr. Darl Kolb

“In a world of increasingly ubiquitous connectivity, we need to find ways to manage ‘connective flow.’ Individuals, teams and organisations will find Unified Inbox an invaluable meta-technology for improving both performance and well being. Unified Inbox could become the ‘go to’ application of the future.”

Dr. Darl KolbProfessor of ConnectivityUniversity of Auckland

Unified Inbox expands, launches HQ in Singapore

Singapore – April, 22, 2014 – Cloud-based unified communications and social collaboration platform Unified Inbox officially sets up its international headquarters in Singapore, as a strategic move to grow the company globally and expand into the Asia region. While still in the closed beta phase, Unified Inbox has already secured top tier telco companies, ISP […]